The adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” has never been more true in our digital world. 

When you think of the world’s top 4 brands, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, you can immediately conjure up their iconic logos. Immediately recognizing a product across any communication or marketing is fundamental to a brand. 

We recently connected with Priyanka Srinivasan, Qualia’s Director of Product Marketing, to discuss the new look and feel unifying the Qualia product suite. 

Q: Why is Qualia launching new product iconography? 

Srinivasan: Qualia’s mission is to make home closings more transparent and efficient by bringing together all parties involved in the real estate transaction. Since our start in 2015, we’ve built industry-leading products for title & escrow companies, mortgage lenders, vendors, title insurers, consumers, and real estate agents. 

As we continue to build new impactful solutions to our product suite, we recognized the need to create a visual way for our customers and the industry to better understand our full suite of products and how they fit together. That is why we’ve launched icons for our products that are illustrative, simple, and intuitive, much like the design principles demonstrated in the Qualia products themselves.

Q: What does this new iconography mean for Qualia’s customers? 

Srinivasan: Qualia is continually innovating and building product solutions for the various transaction parties that make up the real estate ecosystem. In addition, we recently added Resware to our suite, which means yet another great product offering to our customers. Given the vast number of products and offerings we have today, iconography is one simple and effective way to help our customers easily recognize and distinguish our products and understand how everything fits together. 

For example, for our title & escrow audience, we have our Core product (workflow, accounting, reporting software), as well as Connect (a real estate agent and client communications portal), Marketplace (a place for title & escrow companies to discover, build relationships with, and transact with vendors), and our Reconciliations Services (a team of dedicated in-house specialists that perform daily reconciliations). In addition to that, we also have an Enterprise solution for title & escrow companies with commercial or multi-market operations. Many of our title and escrow customers are already leveraging these products together. We believe there is a lot of value in seeing a simple icon for each and immediately recognizing the product across any communication or marketing. This will become even more important as we continue to grow our product suite.

Qualia’s new product iconography:

product icons

Q: What is the process like for developing new iconography to unify a suite of solutions? 

Srinivasan: We took a very thoughtful approach. We reflected on each product’s fundamental value, i.e., how does it help our customers, what is it doing to help streamline the real estate transaction, and tried to distill that and bring it to life within an icon. Ultimately, the goal was to create an image for each product that our customers (as well as anyone looking to purchase our products) would recognize and associate it with the product in a way that really clicks. 

For example, the Qualia Connect icon is an image of two people. Our Connect product is all about bringing real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and consumers onto the Qualia platform so they can transact on a home more transparently, efficiently, and securely. Connect is therefore all about bringing people together, at the end of the day, so we wanted an icon that would reflect that. 

Q: What can our customers be excited about for the future?

Srinivasan: The horizon is bright for our product roadmap, and this is just one step in telling the story of our overall vision. We will be releasing even more solutions in the future for title & escrow companies, mortgage lenders, insurers, vendors, and others. As we do that, we’ll continue to develop icons and product illustrations that demonstrate how Qualia is bringing everyone together to make the home transaction more transparent, efficient, and streamlined. Stay tuned. 

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