In 2019, conversations around eClosings shifted from vision to reality. Many states passed bills enabling remote online notarization (RON) and a number of counties upgraded their recording offices to support e-recording and digital file keeping. These changes are moving the needle on eClosings and enabling title & escrow businesses to offer flexibility and choice for consumers to create their ideal closing and signing experience.

Now, title & escrow businesses are ready to take off with eClosings and fulfill consumer demand for better transaction experiences. Erica Meyer, Owner and Publisher of October Research, believes eClosings will take off in 2020 now that the environment has shifted toward eClosing enablement. “At the start of 2019, survey data demonstrated that only 15% of title companies were doing some form of eClosings,” Meyer said at Qualia’s Future of Real Estate Summit earlier this year. “I expect that number will increase in the years to come.” 

For title & escrow businesses on Qualia’s platform, e-signing capabilities designed to enable hybrid eClosings have been available for nearly 2 years. In 2018 Qualia launched the industry’s first fully-integrated e-signing solution in a title, escrow, and closing platform. Since then, title & escrow businesses using Qualia Connect have elevated their clients’ closing experience by adopting e-signing as part of their process. 

Now, Qualia is rolling out a new set of expanded e-signing features in Qualia Connect that further enable title & escrow businesses to deliver premium experiences for their clients. These new features enable title & escrow agents and their partners to capture e-signatures for nearly any type of document or signature type. To expand our initial set of e-signing features, we’ve added the following capabilities: 

  • E-sign PDFs
  • Add initials
  • Easily modify your e-signature in Connect
  • Send documents to real estate agents and attorneys for their e-signatures too.

As the buzz surrounding eClosings continues to increase, Qualia Connect’s e-signing features can help title companies adopt eClosings faster and lay a foundation for what’s next. 

Want to learn more about how your company can start using these and other e-signing features? Reach out to a Qualia Connect Specialist to see a demo and learn more.