Qualia Marketplace is the go-to destination for the thousands of title & escrow agents on Qualia’s platform to find, order, and manage closing services from vendors across the country. With centralized vendor operations in Marketplace, title & escrow agents are able to reduce their turn time per closing by an average of 4 days. 

“Qualia Marketplace is designed for title agents who regularly order closing services and want to centralize and automate their vendor management. We welcome these new vendors to the Marketplace and look forward to adding even more national and local vendors,” said Brian Thome, Qualia’s Vice President of Customer Success.

As we continue to add more vendors, Marketplace becomes an even more powerful tool for title agents to easily discover and work with vendors. Today, we’re excited to announce the latest vendors who are either joining or expanding within Marketplace. 

New national and local options added for title search, HOA documents letters and updates, and notary services

New vendors joining or expanding within Qualia Marketplace include: 

  • Abstract Shop LLC, a nationwide provider of title services such as current-owner search, two-owner search, full search, commercial full search, full municipal search, and tax search.
  • Comfortable Closings, a nationwide notary vendor providing loan signing services.  
  • DataTrace – New York, a nationwide provider of title production services with locally based experts, has expanded its services on Qualia Marketplace in the state of New York. This expansion includes 30+ new product offerings, including standard title searches and readings, tax searches, municipal searches, New York state corporate and UCC services, and other products specific to the New York market. 
  • InspectHOA, a provider of HOA documents and closing support in 37 states. Title & escrow agents are able to automatically order their HOA documents without leaving their core title production software.
  • New York Notary Signing Services, a notary vendor serving New York and 29 other states.
  • Precision Signing Agency, a nationwide notary vendor providing loan signing services.
  • Real Res, is the merging of Property Debt Research and Clear Choice Tax & Lien. It offers municipal lien searches and HOA estoppel letters, nationwide.
  • Secured Signings & Witnesses, LLC, a notary vendor loan signing services in 46 states.
  • SitusAMC, a provider of numerous residential and commercial real estate services. It offers payoffs nationwide.

Today’s additions to Marketplace build on a series of updates that are enabling faster closings and efficient processing at scale. Qualia introduced Automatic Ordering to Marketplace in March, enabling title and escrow companies to set up rule-based automations to place closing orders and materially reduce the time it takes to complete closings. Qualia also recently introduced Vendor Performance Reports, which help Marketplace users analyze their operations and identify their top performing vendors by turn time and price per product.

Access to closing services from these vendors is available immediately, adding them to the large list of national and local vendors available on the Qualia platform. Click below for more information, or to sign up as a vendor on the Qualia Marketplace.

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