Has the thought of doing any marketing crossed your mind? If you are a busy title agent or attorney with more closings than closers, it is likely not at the top of the list at the moment.

2020 was a year of unpredictability at scale and a reminder of how quickly things can change. While adding to the “to do” list when it comes to marketing may not be on your radar, busy markets create an amazing opportunity to increase your brand awareness and highlight what makes you different in a way that slower markets cannot.

The reality is you likely already have the closing volume or the “at-bats” in terms of opportunities. Every closing can double as a paid marketing cycle for you, not only to show off how amazing your service is but also to share all the options you provide to make the experience specific to each consumer. 

When this happens, your brand leaves a lasting positive impression that encourages the consumer to think of you as the market leader for their real estate closing transactions in the future.

How does marketing my technology actually help me?

The good news is that you don’t have to chase any shiny objects. As a matter of fact, you are already sitting on gold. Tucked away in your operations is an inventory of features and benefits that your current technology investments offer that you can leverage as a value proposition in your marketing content. 

In short, these capabilities can help you provide options and differentiate you from the competition. Here’s how you can tap into your technology investments as marketing advantages. 

Step 1: Inventory Your Technology Capabilities

What transaction management suite do you use? Do you have any online payment or e-signature solutions? How about title quote calculator tools?

More than likely, when you made your own technology investments, you received marketing collateral that helped you make your decision to move forward. You can likely pull some of this language to market those capabilities as a differentiator when trying to stand out to attract new buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and lenders as well as giving existing business reasons to come back.

Take inventory and tease out any consumer-facing features and partner benefits. For example, within Qualia, some of these benefits might sound like this:

● Get quotes and order closings in just a few clicks

● Get real-time updates on the closing process

● Send messages and share documents securely

● Provide information and e-sign documents seamlessly

● Use our mobile app while on the go

If it is not obvious, ask your industry partner if they have any marketing collateral you can leverage.

For example, Qualia offers a marketing toolkit agents can use and customize for themselves with resources on the features and benefits their solution offers to your customers. In other words, marketing materials were built for you already.

Step 2: Use Your Website Like A Bull Horn

Consumers like the feeling of being in the driver’s seat with their experience. One great way to do this is to leverage your website like a bull horn. 

After taking inventory of your consumer and partner-facing technology, add it to your website. 

Many of our clients at TitleTap have found success in creating a page on their website that speaks to the closing process and the benefits their transaction system provides for their clients and the end-consumer such as:

● the software’s identity theft prevention capabilities

● ability to access documents around the clock

● optionality to check the status of your file via a secure portal 

Although your competitors may offer similar solutions, I can guarantee most of them are not advertising it in a way that is meaningful to the customer. Your options are only limited by your technology stack and its capabilities.

How can I do this when I have no time?

My company, TitleTap, is a leader in online marketing for title agents and attorneys. For most of our customers, maximizing their technology investments can be challenging given the lack of time in this busy market. We wanted an easy way to deliver more value in less time so we created our marketing HUB. The HUB enables agents and attorneys to add business solution integrations to their websites. 

Regardless of how you decide to take action, now is the time to build on the momentum of a busy market to strengthen your brand awareness and highlight what makes you different.  

About TitleTap

TitleTap is an industry leader in online marketing for Title Agents and Attorneys. It was founded by a former title agent manager, industry consultant, and active REALTOR®. They provide subscription based turn-key marketing solutions and websites for title agents and law firms across the country. To learn more about TitleTap visit www.titletap.com.