In Qualia’s Women in Leadership Series, we are speaking with inspiring female leaders who are using their deep industry knowledge and unique leadership styles to fearlessly drive the title & escrow industry forward. To read part 3 of the series, click here

After nine years as an escrow officer, Nuria Rivera wanted to breathe new life into the title & escrow industry. During a layover at the Denver airport, she had an epiphany that she wanted to start her own business and disrupt the traditional workplace she had known for years. “I wanted to make the closing experience different and I wanted to create a special and open culture.”

We recently connected with Nuria Rivera, founder of Novation Title, to discuss her business journey and how she is reimagining the title workplace to bring in the next generation of talent. 

Qualia: What challenges did you face as a millennial female starting your own business? 

Nuria: When I decided to start Novation Title, I was 31 at the time. Most of my peers were middle-aged men. They were skeptical at first. I had more people trying to talk me out of [starting a business] than people supporting me. I knew I couldn’t listen to them. Now, five years later, that respect has been built. I didn’t need it at the time, but it’s nice to see people come around and appreciate what I’ve created. 

Qualia: Your team is dominated by women. Is that by chance or by design?

Nuria: It’s definitely the law of attraction. We didn’t design it that way, but I think you attract who you are like. By being a woman in business, I inspire others like me. That might be a part of why women feel safe to join the company and see that they can also step into their power. I’ve been blessed to attract these incredible powerhouse women who bring their gifts in different ways to create something so special. We’re also bringing on lots of young talent. 

Qualia: Tell us more about that. How are you attracting millennial talent to your office? 

Nuria: I truly invest in my employees. I really feel like Novation Title is a human development company. We attract a lot of youth because they really want to learn and grow. There is a lot within our culture that focuses on self-development. I bring in coaches to talk to my team about various topics, like communication and relationship building. We focus on all areas of life, from health and career to relationships and personal finances. That has been a huge value add for my employees. They know I want them to grow as much as they want to grow. They know that I really support them and their dreams and goals.

Overall, I think creating a culture where people feel safe enough to share ideas and innovate together is important. We also created a family-oriented culture where employees support each other and know that leadership cares about them. I’ll never hold them back or limit them and that collaboration makes the company a very special place to work. 

Qualia: What advice would you give other women who are considering title & escrow work?

Nuria: If you’re not in an environment where you can shine, there are other places you can go [like the title industry] that will support that. It’s time for us women to show and develop our leadership skills. Feminine energy brings creativity and innovation. I would encourage all women to let those guards down and start leading. We need more women in leadership and running businesses.