Case Studies

Windermere Real Estate Retains More Clients with Qualia

Realtors at Windermere attract more clients by working with title & escrow companies closing on Qualia. Read on to learn more.

Vista Improves Customer Experience with Qualia Connect

After 95% of Vista Title & Escrow customers said lack of communication was a frustration, Vista purchased Qualia Connect. Read on for Vista’s success story.

Alliance Property Transfer Increases Capacity by 4X

Alliance Property Transfer uses Qualia to streamline processes and improve closing efficiency. Learn how Alliance was able to 4X its business capacity.

How AFMC Cut 5 Hours Off Their Daily Loan Processing Time with Connect

American Federal Mortgage accelerated their loan origination speed & eliminated 5 hours of their daily loan processing time with Qualia. Read on for more.

Cislo Title Saves Money and Eliminates Downtime

Cislo was able to reduce their annual IT spend, eliminate downtime, and increase efficiency. Learn more about Cislo Title’s success story.

Austin Craft Realty Delivers Differentiated Closing Experience

Austin Craft Realty uses Qualia Connect to deliver a best-in-class customer experience. Watch a Austin Craft realtor discuss his success with Connect.

Thrive Title Increases Productivity by 20%

Learn how Qualia helped Thrive eliminate time-consuming, manual tasks, allowing them to process 20% more transactions with the same size staff.

Stonewall Title Decreases Time Spent on Reconciliations

Watch Stonewall Title Company discuss how Qualia helped them reduce their time spent on reconciliations while improving client communication and security.

Canner Law Gains Competitive Edge with Qualia

Watch Canner Law & Associates founder Marc E. Canner, esq. discuss how Qualia helped his team stay on the cutting edge of technology to stay competitive.

Terrain Title & Escrow Lowers Cost Per File by 30%

Watch Terrain Title & Escrow Company discuss how Qualia helped them streamline and optimize their business to save time and money.

Qualia Onboards a National Title Agency 6X Faster

Learn how Qualia’s onboarding program helped Real Estate Settlements & Escrow, LLC (RESE) get up-and-running with new software quickly.

Homeinc Title Improves Client Communication with Qualia

Read how Homeinc Title improved client experience through real-time communication and gained a competitive edge with Qualia.

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