We’re proud to announce Charlotte Brown, our Director of Product, has been awarded the 2020 Tech Trendsetters Award by HousingWire for the impactful work she’s done to transform the real estate transaction into a digital, stress-free, and COVID-19-safe experience.

“Our Tech Trendsetters award recognizes a group of leaders who were critical to the outstanding performance of housing and real estate during this pandemic, finding innovative solutions when everything changed on a dime,” said HousingWire Editor in Chief Sarah Wheeler.

As the director of product at Qualia, Charlotte has been at the helm of pushing digital real estate product innovation forward. Most recently, in light of the pandemic, Charlotte and her team led product development efforts centered around supporting contactless home closings and remote work capabilities. These products  are enabling real estate professionals to continue to conduct business remotely and safely. Qualia’s expanded product and features are  also empowering millions of homebuyers and sellers across the U.S. with a choice in how they want to complete their home purchase. Consumers have the option to review and sign closing documents in-person with proper social distance protocols in place, or from the safety of their homes. 

Charlotte’s product leadership has resulted in the following business performance results for Qualia’s customers: 

  • Taking closings from thirty minutes to five minutes.
  • Up to a 75% reduction in workload with Qualia Connect.
  • Processing orders up to 5 times as fast.

As the pandemic continues to bring uncertainty, Charlotte and the rest of Qualia’s product and engineering team take great pride in bringing certainty, stability, and ultimately, public health safety to the real estate transaction. These innovations are changing the foundation of how real estate is transacted; not only opening the industry up to further digital transformation in the future, but also preparing the industry for the challenges that may lie ahead.