Anatoliy Pavlishin

Anatoliy Pavlishin is Head of Title & Escrow at Qualia, working with product, title, and escrow teams to ensure the platform’s compliance. Prior to joining Qualia, he was a Senior Escrow Officer and Auditor at Fidelity National Title for over 12 years.

Illustration of government issuing the CARES Act of 2020

New York’s Regulation 208: From Enactment to Annulment

Not up to speed on the regulation? Here’s a complete look at how the New York State DFS came to pass Regulation 208, and where it stands now.

As Interest Rates Rise, Is Refinancing Still a Viable Option?

It’s no secret that seasonality largely dictates major buying and selling trends across the real estate industry. But what about interest rates?

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