Alex Brown

Alex Brown is the Director of Title Strategy at Qualia where he helps businesses better understand how to work with and establish local title operations. Alex has a background in launching local, regional, and national Title & Escrow services. Prior to Qualia, Alex worked with national title providers and Opendoor to scale their title operations.

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The Essential Elements of Successful Workflows: Standardization & Simplicity

Nationwide survey results demonstrated that workflow standardization frequently correlates with higher efficiency and greater pipeline visibility.

Title & escrow agents woking with technology to better collaborate with their partners. Man in corner remotely notarizing a document. Women in forefront using laptop to track business trends. Man in other corner evaluating title documents on a mobile device.

Launch a Title Operation That Can Scale

Qualia’s Director of Title Strategy breaks down how to think about launching a local title operation that will eventually expand.

Selling a Customer Service Experience

Now, more than ever, competitively differentiating your business hinges on the transaction experience. Learn the benefits of attaching title.

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Thinking about Launching a Title Operation? Start Here

Before heading down the path of starting a title operation it’s incredibly important to understand your goals for doing so.

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