The #PoweredByQualia series highlights how today’s leading real estate professionals use Qualia to take their businesses to the next level.

Because a real-estate closing involves coordinating many moving parts across different people, it has often been a challenge for both title companies and realtors to keep buyers and sellers informed throughout the process. And to successfully engage with the growing market of millennial homebuyers, Sandi Snyder, real estate agent at Windermere North Spokane, knew she had to create a customer-centric closing experience.

Last fall, Snyder was introduced to Qualia Connect, which brings all parties of the closing onto a single, secure platform. And with Connect, Snyder has been able to automatically provide real-time updates and a new level of accessibility to her clients, allowing them to understand the full scope of the closing. Watch the video below to learn more about Sandi Snyder’s success story.

“One of my favorite things about using Qualia is being able to provide instant gratification for my clients – if they have a question, I’m able to pull up the information right there, right in front of them”

– Sandi Snyder, Real Estate Agent 




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