After 95% of potential clients say lack of communication is main point of frustration, Vista brings on Qualia Connect

“Vista's new closing platform has transformed my transactions. It's all much more organized, and I love that my clients can see what is going on.” Sandi S., Real Estate Agent


Founded in October 2017, Vista Title & Escrow aimed to build its business on providing the best customer experience. To do so, Vista sent out a survey to over four thousand real estate professionals in Spokane, asking them to identify the gaps in the closing process. An overwhelming 95% of the respondents answered that a lack of communication was the main point of frustration.

Vista decided to cure this frustration with Qualia Connect. With Connect, the Vista team has been able to communicate with their clients in real time, provide up-to-the-minute milestone tracking, and send automatic updates to inform clients on key progress points. Learn more about Vista Title & Escrow’s success story by reading the case study below.


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