Illustration of a screen automating different parts of a real estate transaction

Automation: Past, Present and Future

Automation is transforming real estate. Learn how title & escrow businesses are using automation to improve efficiency and increase collaboration.

Image of a title office surrounded by a city

Real Estate’s Must-Have Technology for Building Strong Local Partnerships

Learn how to develop strong partnerships across the real estate ecosystem by leveraging the right technology at the right time.

Illustration of title agents, mortgage lenders, real estate agents, and homebuyers connecting over video chat

Real Estate Use Cases and Best Practices for Video Conferencing

Video conferencing solutions are experiencing massive adoption. Learn video chat use cases for real estate. Plus, practices for effective video meetings.

Lara Wells smiling with caption Lara Wells Strategic Enterprise Account Executive surrounded by icons representing cost savings from cloud-based software

Strategic Enterprise Account Executive Lara Wells Discusses How to Measure the True Cost of Your Software

Not all software is created equal. Especially when comparing cloud solutions with on-premise solutions. Here’s how to compare software costs.

People signing a deed remotely using remote ink signed notarization over video (RIN)

Remote Ink-Signed Notarization (RIN) Approved in Some States: Here’s What you Need to Know

Settlement companies are using remote ink-signed notarization (RIN) for signings so homebuyers can close on their homes over video with a remote notary.

Amit Doshi Smiling with LemonBrew logo for an interview with Qualia on flexibility and growth with the right software provider

Expert Advice for Selecting a Software Provider During Uncertain Times

In uncertain times, businesses can find stability through flexibility. The right title & escrow workflow software is elemental to success.

Illustration of two title professionals using Qualia video chat to discuss a file together

Qualia’s New Video Chat Feature Strengthens Workplace Relationships & Productivity

In response to customer demand, Qualia released a new video chat feature within the Qualia platform. Learn more about the benefits of video chat.

Illustration of a real estate professional using secure technology

[Webinar Recap]: Industry Experts Weigh in on Remote Work and Digital Closings During COVID-19

In response to COVID-19 and its impact on title businesses, Qualia pulled together industry leaders to discuss how their teams have adapted to remote work.

Illustration of someone buying a home on their mobile phone

As Legislation for RON Accelerates is Your Business Prepared for Fully-Digital eClosings?

Over the last year, conversations around RON have grown. Now, the conversation is taking on new meaning and intensity in light of COVID-19.

Illustration of remote workers working together happily

New to Remote Work? Here’s How to Set up Yourself and your Team

Adjusting from in-office to remote work is challenging. Qualia’s Director of People offers best practices for teams to smoothly transition to remote work.

Illustration of technology powered by Qualia's cloud-based system

Technology and Tools for Remote Work Success

Businesses across the country are transitioning to remote work under COVID-19 orders. Here’s how to set your team up for success with the right technology

Illustration of devices connected to the cloud

A Proactive Approach to Disaster Recovery and Public Health Threats: Create a Business Continuity Plan

With the current public health threat, it’s important to implement business continuity plans that enable remote work & core business functions to continue.

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