4 illustrated tiles with images of charts and an illustrated house to represent real estate tech trends from 2019

These Real Estate Transaction Trends Took Off in 2019

This year the real estate transaction process started to shift. These four 2019 trends indicate what may be to come for real estate transactions in 2020.

Illustration of a screen automating different parts of a real estate transaction

Automation: Past, Present and Future

Automation is transforming real estate. Learn how title & escrow businesses are using automation to improve efficiency and increase collaboration.

Illustration of a female underwriter using Qualia's cloud-based platform to communicate with agents

Cloud-Based Solutions Create Competitive Advantage for Underwriters

Cloud-based technology is a cornerstone for successful communication and operations involving multiple stakeholders, making real estate a perfect use case.

Green and yellow pie chart with text "Special Report: Title Technology"

Special Report: Title Industry Technology Outlook

This month, October Research released Title Technology: Special Report. Read on for insights from Qualia CEO Nate Baker and other industry experts.

Illustration of a laptop showing workflow automation features

Untangling AI and Automation for Real Estate Closings

Businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of automation and AI for improved productivity, flexibility, and cost reductions. Read on for more.

7 Criteria Every Title & Escrow Company Should Consider When Evaluating Software Options

In title & escrow, software is the backbone supporting daily work. We break down the criteria every company should consider when evaluating software options.

In the Age of Disruption, Technology-Driven Title & Escrow Companies Come Out Ahead

In part 1 of our series on digital maturity, we offer change management best practices for title companies to transition to technology-enabled workflows & strategies.

Meet the Title Industry’s Most Proficient Tech Adopters: Baby Boomers

This year 25% of the population will be over the age of 55. While we all brace for a wave of retirees, labor statistics tell us this age group will stay in the workforce longer. Another surprise? This workforce represents those most adaptable to new technology.

Is the Audit Ready for an Evolution?

The title & escrow audit has gone nearly unchanged for decades and no one seems to be questioning things, but take a closer look and you’ll recognize that the audit is an excellent candidate for innovation.