email encryption

Email Encryption and Increasing Security for Client Communication

Learn more about how email encryption works and how to improve security when communicating with clients.

common real estate scams

6 Common Real Estate Scams Targeting Homebuyers and Renters

Falling victim to a real estate scam can tarnish a homeowner’s experience. Learn about common scams and precautions to take to avoid them.

image of a home in a badge of security

Security Incident Impacts Title Industry

Qualia Core customers were not impacted by the ransomware attack on Cloudstar, an on-premise software hosting provider. Click through to read more.

home title theft

Home Title Theft: What It Is and What To Do if It Occurs

Home title theft occurs when the title to a property is obtained illegally without an owner’s consent.

Illustration of computer with a security lock

Cybercrime is on the Rise – How to Protect Yourself & Your Clients

Cyberattacks are on the rise. Protecting yourself and your business from security breaches matters more than ever.

IT Considerations for Transitioning to Permanent Remote Work Flexibility

We connected with Kevin Nincehelser, COO at Premier One, to discuss IT considerations for title businesses transitioning to permanent remote operations.

Illustration of a cybercriminal intercepting emails to pose a security risk during a real estate transaction

[REPORT]: Human Error Continues to Climb as a Top Cybersecurity Threat

We connected with Masha Sedova, co-founder of Elevate Security, to learn more about cybersecurity trends from the 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report.

illustration of a lock symbolizing cyber security measures businesses can take

A New Phishing Site Launches Every 20 Seconds, Here’s How to Protect Your Business

Tom Cronkright, CEO of CertifID and Sun Title Agency, discusses the rise of cyberattacks during COVID-19 and how businesses can protect themselves.

Headshot of Rick Diamond, IT Agency Director and Vice President at Fidelity National Financial

Fidelity Security Expert Offers Tips to Protect Your Business

Rick Diamond, VP, Agency IT Director at Fidelity, discusses why cybersecurity is more important than ever and how businesses can improve their security.

Illustration of a cybercriminal looking at an email to complete a BEC scam

Vendor Payment Requests: A Growing Target for Cyber Criminals

A new report shows that small businesses experienced an uptick in business email compromise (BEC). Nearly half of employees took the bait.

Illustration of a real estate professional using secure technology

Security Measures You Can Deploy Immediately

Real estate wire fraud incidents have steadily climbed. There are a number of tactics businesses can quickly deploy to safeguard their organization.

illustration of a home protected by a cyber security shield

Alert: Phishing Attempts Across the Title Industry

Last week, multiple phishing attack attempts hit the title industry. Learn how your business can respond to such events and improve security measures to counter-act harmful actors.

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