illustration of a real estate transaction protected with a cyber shield to represent protection from real estate wire fraud

Real Estate Wire Fraud is Rising: Why Criminals are Targeting Homebuyers

Real estate wire fraud is a growing threat. Learn why cybercriminals are targeting real estate transactions and what you can do to protect your clients.

Illustration of a cybercriminal looking at an email to complete a BEC scam

Email Scams are the Fastest Growing Threat for Real Estate Wire Fraud

A new report from the BBB shows business email compromise (BEC) will reach record highs by the end of 2019. Read to learn how you can protect your business.

Illustrated computer screen with Qualia's logo and the Coalition to Stop Real Estate Wire Fraud Logo

Qualia is the First Digital Closing Technology to Join ALTA’s Coalition to Stop Wire Fraud

Qualia joined ALTA’s Coalition to Stop Real Estate Wire Fraud. Qualia is the first digital real estate closing technology platform to join the coalition.

Illustration of lock for cyber security and an eye

Is Homebuyer Education Enough to End the Wire Fraud Epidemic?

Qualia recently joined ALTA’s Coalition to Stop Real Estate Wire Fraud. Learn why businesses must consider more than education to protect consumers.

Illustration of a laptop showing workflow automation features

Untangling AI and Automation for Real Estate Closings

Businesses are beginning to realize the benefits of automation and AI for improved productivity, flexibility, and cost reductions. Read on for more.

The Hidden Benefits of Investing in New Software

Transitioning to new software opens up business benefits that go beyond bottom-line impact. Read on for 4 hidden benefits of switching to a new software.

SURVEY: Business Owners Prefer Cloud-Based Software Over On-Premise Servers

A nationwide survey indicates that more than half of SMBs have adopted business management software with the majority of businesses deploying cloud-based products in favor of on-premise software. Read more for the benefits of the cloud for title & escrow companies.

New Report Shows Cyber Criminals’ Focus on SMBs is Rising. Is Your Business Prepared?

A new security report finds that cyber attacks on SMBs are on the rise. Read on to learn the 7 questions all title & escrow companies should ask their software providers to ensure best-in-class security standards.

Qualia Featured in NBC Exclusive as Solution for Real Estate Professionals to Fight Fraud

Wire fraud is one of the fastest growing and most devastating crimes in the real estate industry. NBC has been reporting on the increase in real estate fraud and reached out to Qualia CEO Nate Baker for insight.

Security Best Practices for Title & Escrow Companies in a Digital Age

What can title companies do to keep their information safe? Almost 70% of people say that they want companies to offer an extra layer of internet security. Here are some easy security best practices to implement that should be in every title company’s digital security plan.

Qualia Privacy and Security Webinar Series with A-LIGN

Recently, we wrapped up our coffee break webinar series with A-LIGN, a top security and compliance solutions provider, covering the most important compliance and security topics that your business should be aware of.

Debunking 3 Cybersecurity Myths May Save Your Business

Odds are someone you know has been impacted by the horror involved with cybersecurity attacks and wire fraud. According to the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), a division under the FBI, fraudsters stole a reported $5.3 billion dollars through email scams in just two years. Since scammers most frequently