Choosing the Right Cybersecurity Solutions: Essential Tools and Technologies for Title & Escrow Professionals

With the proliferation of security tools available on the market, selecting the right one can be a challenge. Learn what to look for when vetting technology solutions.

AI’s Promise and Peril: Navigating Business Opportunities and Cybersecurity Challenges in 2024

CivAI’s Lucas Hansen and the National Realtor Association’s Alex Lange explored how AI is changing the way we do business at FORES24.

Building a Cybersecurity Culture in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

As AI-powered cyber attacks become more prevalent and sophisticated, title & escrow companies must ensure security is top of mind for all employees.

Redefining Resilience: Strategies to Combat Rising Cyber Threats

CATIC’s Resse Lacasse and Truework’s Victor Kabdebon discussed the cybersecurity threats impacting the real estate industry at FORES24.

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