Scaling with Qualia just got even easier. Today we’re excited to announce the release of Dynamic Workflows, the newest addition to Qualia’s already robust set of workflow features. 

With Dynamic Workflows, title & escrow companies can now create smart tasks associated with contacts, transaction types, or actions on an order; assign tasks to individuals, roles, or groups; and further automate the management of multiple workflows. And everything comes fully integrated in Qualia’s award winning, easy-to-use platform.

Some of the new features launching as part of Dynamic Workflows include:

Smart Tasks

  • What it is: Contingent tasks that can be associated with specific contacts, transaction types, or actions required on an order. Users will be able to specify a trigger that will automatically add a group of tasks to the order’s workflow. 
  • How it helps: This makes it easier for processors to adjust their workflow if something comes up after work on an order has already started. 

Assignment Strategies & Groups

  • What it is: A large scale-task assignment tool that enables seamless distribution of tasks between groups of people or departments. Users will now also be able to select specific individuals or roles they want to assign a specific task. They will still be able to assign a task based on role. 
  • How it helps: This makes it easier for growing teams large and small to coordinate internally.

Core Workflows  

  • What it is: A turnkey dashboard where users can view all existing workflows from a single place. 
  • How it helps: This makes it easier for users to both view and manage all their workflows, especially for those that have a long list of different workflows.

Workflow Templates

  • What it is: A comprehensive collection of pre-set workflows users can select from based on transaction type and closing state, and tailor them to fit their own pipeline. 
  • How it helps: This is designed to improve efficiency by reducing the time spent at workflow set-up.

The Evolution of Qualia’s Dynamic Workflows

When our team first started building Qualia several years ago, we heard from title & escrow companies large and small that keeping track of tasks related to closings was a major challenge. Older, legacy software that had been around from anywhere from 15 to 35 years had tried to build tools to address these challenges, but that those tools tended to be difficult to configure, prone to break, inaccurately track tasks, and were cost-prohibitive to access because they required a specially trained in-house team to build and maintain.

Important action items can be missed if tasks aren’t built right. For example, administrators may need to assign tasks to groups, or may want to know what tasks have already been assigned without personally assigning them. Or, a processor may discover halfway through something like that a closing will involve an HOA. 

To make matters even more complicated, since every transaction is different, there’s no single default workflow that fits every closing. These operational inefficiencies have prevented large title companies from being able to move higher volumes through their systems, and prevented small companies from staying competitive and efficient. 

To better address these challenges, we launched our original all-in-one Workflow tools three years ago using modern technology and design principles. These were simple and easy to set up, didn’t require configuring multiple systems, tracked tasks accurately, and were cost-accessible even to small companies getting their business off the ground. These Workflow tools now process 15% of closings across the country.

The Next Generation of Qualia Workflow Tools

Today’s launch of Dynamic Workflows is the next generation of our Workflows tools. Processing files efficiently and quickly using Dynamic Workflows means title and escrow companies can now spend more time acquiring new business and cultivating repeat business. Agents will be able to move higher volumes through their systems using more efficient processes. And small to medium-sized companies are able to free up their employees’ time by eliminating tedious, time-intensive, repetitive tasks to focus on the most compelling aspects of title & escrow work: problem-solving, relationship building, improving client experiences, and bringing in more revenue. These modern, improved workflow tools enable any company to more easily hire, onboard, and train new employees too.