Today we are excited to announce Qualia for Enterprise, the only cloud-based real estate software built specifically for large and growing title & escrow operations. Qualia for Enterprise merges production, communication, and vendor management platforms in a single system. Qualia for Enterprise users also benefit from a proven software transition program that combines an award-winning change management support team with exclusive user events and ongoing training. 

As home buyers expect and demand a better closing experience and title companies consolidate due to competition and shrinking workforces, the nation’s leading title & escrow operations recognize that it’s time to switch their outdated software. Many are partnering with Qualia to take advantage of our enterprise products and features which make it easier for their large teams of processors to coordinate closings and scale to multiple offices and locations. Doing so helps them remain competitive, keep their employees happy and productive, and solidify their position as leaders in the industry.

Why Qualia for Enterprise now? 

The $15 billion title insurance industry is expected to grow rapidly in 2020, and title companies will increasingly compete for market share. The trend towards consolidation within the industry is forcing large title companies to rethink the closing experience for both their employees and customers and modernize their technology. 

Over the last 5 years, Qualia has become the trusted technology partner for digital closings. Our technology brings together thousands of title & escrow agents, lenders, real estate agents, and consumers to streamline the closing experience, remove the stress from home buying, and make the process more transparent and secure. In fact, over 15% of all U.S. real estate transactions are now powered by Qualia—that’s more than 1 million transactions each year. 

How is Qualia’s software built for enterprise? 

Qualia’s features are built for the scale and the unique complexities of enterprise companies. Qualia’s all-in-one production platform, client communication platform, and suite of vendor management tools can be set up for the unique business needs of large, high-growth businesses. 

The only cloud-based production platform designed for title & escrow operations to grow their business 

In the past, software with on-premise servers limited scalability due to the manual and technical processes required to add new team members and expand to new office locations. Qualia’s modern, cloud-based platform allows large and high-growth businesses to scale their operations across any number of offices, locations and teams. 

Custom workflow tools that drive efficiencies across offices and teams

Qualia’s expertly designed task & workflow management features enable large and growing companies to move higher volumes through their systems. With Dynamic Workflows, tasks are automatically added to a file when certain conditions are met and are intelligently assigned based on roles and staff availability.

Qualia is integrated with industry-leading third-party title & escrow products, services, and vendors to further streamline workflows.

Advanced accounting features promote error-free disbursement at scale

Qualia comes out of the box with fully-operational accounting, reconciliations, fraud protection, and smart balancing features that facilitate compliance with ALTA best practices and proactively detect errors for accurate disbursement of escrow funds. Qualia also provides the option of positive pay capabilities as part of its reconciliation services. 

Additionally, If your bank supports an SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) integration, Qualia enables your business to seamlessly transition banking and accounting processes.

Robust reporting suite delivers intelligence for business growth opportunities 

Qualia comes with extensive reporting tools that help leaders identify bottlenecks and opportunities for growth. 

Real-time client and partner communication enables businesses to deliver exceptional client experiences 

Processors can extend the Qualia platform by using Qualia Connect, a client communication portal that enables title & escrow companies to communicate directly with lenders, real estate agents, and homebuyers on one platform for a single system of record. This cloud-based messaging platform reduces the risk of phishing and other security issues common with email-based solutions. 

With Connect, buyers and sellers can review and sign documents with the first electronic signing solution built into a title & escrow closing software. Title & escrow agents can also schedule and manage closing appointments and events within the same portal for streamlined communication. 

The Qualia Vendor Marketplace allows agents to work efficiently with vendor partners by providing instant access to a network of regional and national vendors. Processors can place orders for title & closing services directly from within Qualia and manage billing within the same system. 

Best-in-class security to protect your business and your clients

According to a recent Global Threat Intelligence Report, recent enterprise data breaches have overwhelmingly involved on-premise legacy systems. This is not surprising. On-premise systems are cumbersome to update and leave businesses vulnerable to security breaches. 

As a result, capital is being invested in cloud-based systems that can provide the best security for businesses of all sizes. Every aspect of Qualia is built with robust security to protect title & escrow companies and their clients. Qualia’s software is configured with safeguards such as two factor authentication and portal-based messaging and document-sharing that keeps sensitive communication securely off email.

A system designed to make transitioning software easier-than-ever

A recent study of over 500 practitioners, managers, and C-level executives from across the globe, showed that one of the biggest challenges organizations face when transitioning to the cloud is lacking technology skills among their workforce. 

Qualia provides change management and best-in-class customer support to ensure large organizations are prepared for a transition and employees are equipped with on-demand learning materials to master new software. Qualia’s customer support includes highly-experienced and dedicated onboarding specialists and account managers, complimentary onsite visits by our specialists, a comprehensive training program customized for each employee on your team, and a VIP concierge support line. 

In order to save time, Qualia has built a custom complimentary document templating service that enables your team to upload and templatize documents quickly. 

Qualia also provides access to exclusive events at major industry gatherings, a quarterly business review with Qualia executives, and learning & development content through Qualia University.

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