The #PoweredByQualia series highlights how today’s leading real estate professionals use Qualia to take their businesses to the next level.

Jonathan Meek, CEO & Attorney at Meek Law Firm, maintains his competitive edge in the industry by staying on the cutting edge of technology. He describes moving over to Qualia from their previous settlement software as “moving out of the Dark Ages into the 30th century.” His team is now able to communicate with clients securely, have an easy-to-use portal for their clients, and have been able to increase the number of transactions they’ve been doing without adding more staff. Learn more about Meek Law Firm’s successes by checking out their video below. 

“The biggest strength we have at Meek Law Firm is that we focus on fast, efficient and error-free closings and we couldn’t do that without Qualia.

– Jonathan Meek, CEO & Attorney 




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