“With Qualia, there’s so much more productivity. Qualia has been a big factor in modernizing our business – everything you need is in there in one whole package. It’s more reliable, faster, and cost-effective.” Terrence A. Sheerin, Director of Operations


Cislo Title has managed title closings since 1990 and currently operates across 9 offices throughout Michigan. As one of the most established title companies in the region, Cislo’s management knew the importance of continuing to innovate to stay competitive. To do so, Cislo decided to replace their antiquated, unreliable software, which required pricey add-ons and encountered frequent network disconnections. By making the switch to Qualia, Cislo was able to reduce their annual IT spend, eliminate downtime, and increase efficiency. Learn more about Cislo Title’s success story by reading the case study below.


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