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Kelsey is a Content Marketing Manager at Qualia

What Can Title & Escrow Companies Learn from Silicon Valley About Testing & Scaling

In part 3 of our digital maturity series, we explore how title & escrow companies can adapt techniques from Silicon Valley startups to move dynamically in the face of change.

SURVEY: Business Owners Prefer Cloud-Based Software Over On-Premise Servers

A nationwide survey indicates that more than half of SMBs have adopted business management software with the majority of businesses deploying cloud-based products in favor of on-premise software. Read more for the benefits of the cloud for title & escrow companies.

Are Title & Escrow Companies Investing Enough in Workplace Learning?

In part two of our digital maturity series, we explore the role of upskilling and training for retaining and attracting talent in the title & escrow industry. Udemy’s Head of Learning and Development delivers best practices for getting a Learning & Development program off the ground.

Exploring the Future of Real Estate Closings for Out-of-State Homebuyers

As technology evolves, what could state-to-state migration look like in the future? And are states with high-migration numbers evolving at the speed of change?

Special Report: What Can the Title Industry Expect from the New Director of the CFPB?

As the newest CFPB Director settles into her role, the title industry is waiting to see how her approach will impact real estate sector. The latest Special Report from October Research + Qualia highlights what’s to come for the CFPB and what the title industry can expect.

eClosing Webinar

Untangling the Complexities of eClosings

At the NS3 Conference held last month in Phoenix, Jim O’Donnell, President of Equity National Title unpacked the state of eClosings and offered helpful tools for evaluating eClosing options at a local-level. We caught up with O’Donnell after the conference to learn more about his experiences with eClosings and insights on best practices for navigating the digital landscape.

Getting Ahead in Today’s Competitive Environment. Qualia’s Discussion with Compass, Quicken Loans, and Agentology

At the Inman Connect Conference Qualia CEO, Nate Baker, joined Compass, Quicken Loans, and Agentology to discuss how businesses can get ahead in today’s competitive environment.

In the Age of Disruption, Technology-Driven Title & Escrow Companies Come Out Ahead

In part 1 of our series on digital maturity, we offer change management best practices for title companies to transition to technology-enabled workflows & strategies.

What’s More American Than Apple Pie? The Title Industry.

At one time, title insurance was only available in the U.S. Just in time for Independence Day, we’re taking a look at title insurance and its American roots.

illustration of happy title & escrow employee smiling in front of people working at computers

Competing for Talent in the Face of Rising Labor Shortage: How the Title Industry Can Get Ahead

By 2026 the title industry will see a 4.4% increase in job openings. As the competition for talent rises, learn how title companies can get ahead.

Meet the Title Industry’s Most Proficient Tech Adopters: Baby Boomers

This year 25% of the population will be over the age of 55. While we all brace for a wave of retirees, labor statistics tell us this age group will stay in the workforce longer. Another surprise? This workforce represents those most adaptable to new technology.

Is the Audit Ready for an Evolution?

The title & escrow audit has gone nearly unchanged for decades and no one seems to be questioning things, but take a closer look and you’ll recognize that the audit is an excellent candidate for innovation.

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