The #PoweredByQualia series highlights how today’s leading real estate professionals use Qualia to take their businesses to the next level.


Brendan Ross, a real estate agent at Austin Craft Realty, was introduced to Qualia Connect last year when his partner title company provided an invitation onto the platform for one of their transactions. Ross immediately saw the difference in his clients’ closing experience with Qualia Connect, which empowers all parties in the closing to communicate on a single, secure platform. Connect gave Ross the unique ability to collaborate easily with his title company and an automated tool he could use to coach his clients throughout the closing process. Watch the video below to learn more about Austin Craft Realty’s success story.

“If a title partner is using Qualia versus one that is not, I will choose the title company that is using Qualia for my clients’ experience. The platform is seamless, and it helps everyone know where they are at in the transaction.”

Brendan RossRealtor 





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