“I wish Qualia existed 18 years ago when I first started working in the industry. I can’t believe how fast and intuitive it is – everything I need is in one place. It’s different from any other closing software I’ve ever seen. ” Bill T., Closing Success Leader


Founded in 2015, Alliance Property Transfer was focused on growing their business capacity to support its growth objectives for the upcoming years. But with their initial closing software, it was difficult to streamline processes and improve closing efficiency due to the constant system delays and immense lack of automation. The user interface was antiquated, making it time-consuming to train new users, and customer support took weeks to respond. Alliance needed a reliable, automated, and modernized closing platform that could help increase its operational productivity while maintaining a premium client closing experience.

Alliance made the switch after being introduced to Qualia at a regional conference. And with Qualia, Alliance was not only able to process its files on a secure and reliable platform, but automate much of their data entry process, increasing its closing efficiency. Shortly after adopting the core Qualia platform, Alliance began utilizing the full suite of Qualia products, adding on Qualia Connect and subscribing to the Qualia Marketplace, which provided a faster vendor order turnaround time. Learn more about how Alliance was able to increase its business capacity by 4x by reading the case study below.


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